Type of Program: Image Colorisation
Supported Platforms: Win 9x/XP/2000/ME/NT4
Company Name: Bertheussen IT
Version: 1.0.1
Price: $29 (23.68 / 16.12) Home licence


This is a very impressive colorisation program which produces remarkable results with an absolute minimum of fuss. Detailes turorials are supplied along with examples to practice on. With Recolored you can colorize black and white photos, replace colors in color photos, perform selective desaturisation and selective colorisation with great ease. The colors are grouped into categories such as skin tones, hair colors, metals, wood, grass, fabrics and many more. Individual custom colors can also be selected.

Basically you outline, with the color you want, parts of the photo you wish to colorize/replace click a button and the software does the rest bringing up the result in a new window. If you don't like the result just close it without saving and your "work" copy reappears where you can change colors as many times as you like until you're satisfied. You can then print the result from within the program.

Features include:

Features include:

         Easy to use Graphical User Interface

         Supports working with multiple images at a time

         Seven graphical editing tools

         Selectable HSL and RGB color palettes

         Color presets for selecting natural looking colors

         Unlimited undo / redo levels

         File formats: JPEG, PNG, BMP, RCL (proprietary file format)

         Images can be printed (adjustable scaling)

         Documentation readily available through the integrated HTML help file

         Five easy to follow tutorials

I produced some excellent results within an hour of installation and received some glowing praise from the recipients who kindly lent me photos to play with.  Recolored is a standalone program and not a plugin so you don't need expensive image editors.  It is very definitely well worth the money and they offer a 21 day trial.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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