CyberDefender Security Toolbar

Type of Program: Internet Anti-Phishing Toolbar
Supported Platforms: Win98/ME/NT/XP
Company Name: CyberDefender Corporation
Version: 2006
Price: Adware
Installed Size: 1.97 MB


The CyberDefender Security Toolbar works integrated with Internet Explorer. It sits as another Toolbar inside of Internet Explorer, take a look at this Screenshot:

Going from left to right:

SafeSearch, they say that:

SafeSearch Protects Your Internet Searches.

SafeSearch - powered by leading Internet search engines - ensures your Internet searches will not be hijacked. Hijacked websites redirect you without your permission and sometimes without your knowledge to unauthorized 'fake' webpages. These webpages can appear to be just like the hijacked webpage you intended to visit! Any information you submit to these pages including credit card, medical, and other personal information
is subject to theft!

Using SafeSearch is simple! Just enter your keyword or phrase and click 'Search' or press ENTER. SafeSearch operates like Google or any other search engine, with the added benefit of knowing the websites results delivered from your search engine query are safe.

Well there is good news about the SafeSearch and the other news. The good news is that using the SafeSearch when I deliberately went to pages that I had found there would be the danger of Redirection and Hijacking the SafeSearch worked. The other news is that you get the CyberDefender Google ads at the top of your search results.

The Phishing Alerts part has me stymied. The only thing that I ever saw happen was that the icon thingy turned to grey sometimes. When I asked to see Recent Phishing Attacks it sent me a webpage that apparently shows links to different pages they have discovered lately that are running Phishing scams. What you can do with Phishing Alerts is using the drop-down menu click on View Phishing Audit and it will tell you if the current page is a Phishing threat.

Next is the Popup Blocker. Well I didn't ever catch it doing anything. It says that it is on, but when I click on View Blocked Pop-ups, I get 0.

The Password Alerts just will show you the AutoComplete information stored on your computer and how to control that information. Big deal.

The Spyware Alerts as far a I could tell didn't do diddly-squat, except send you to another CyberDefender internet page where they were are selling AntiSpyware 2006.

In conclusion - why bother?

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Joe Tex

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