Links Suite 4 + DMOZ Extractor

Type of Program: URL Extractor and Web Spider
Supported Platforms: Windows 95x/NT4/ME/2K/XP
Company Name: PJL Technology
Version: 4.1.0
Price: $49.95 (20 October 2006) Check site for offers


If you want to build a content specific directory or maybe a links site then this is the bundle for you. Links Suite 4 and DMOZ Extractor harvest URLs from web pages, and Search Engines and then spider each site for a Title, Description, Keywords, and E-Mail reference. There are different levels of extraction for you to choose from The links can then be categorized and output to either raw HTML, Access, Excel or CSV files. In addition the authors of some of the more popular CGI Search Programs have aided in developing conversion utilities for importation into their programs such as Hyperseek, ILink, Easy Search and Gossamer Threads. The conversion utilities are free from the PJL Technology web site.

DMOZ Extractor is designed specifically for the Open Director Project and allows you to navigate the DMOZ directory from a browser. And then with a mouse click will strip every URL within that sub-directory into an Access database. And with each URL it also parse the Title, Category, and Description. The same program then is able to spider each and every URL in the database for Keywords, and E-Mail reference. And if that's not enough envision this same program then allowing you to output the records to HTML Pages, a GT Links 2.0 or Hyperseek database.

The beauty of both of these programs is that you can build a directory or links site in hours rather than days or months and be secure in the knowledge that none of your links are spammed submissions, you control the content. There are facilities for removing duplicate records and deleting records that don't come up to scratch ie no keywords,description etc. plus other features to help you hone the results to give high standard spam free industry specific directories.

The makers also offer a 30 day Money Back Guarantee if not satisfied as well as an evaluation period, I think their money will be safe.

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Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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