BlackMagic Professional

Type of Program: Image colouriser
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP (or later)
Company Name: Neuraltek
Version: 2.84
Price: $199.00 (other versions from $39.00)


Usually image colourisers turn out results that just look like they've been colourised, the colours just aren't natural. BlackMagic rises way above that, if you want to colourise a B/W photo or colour correct a colour photo then this software is the business.

BlackMagic incorporates "TimeBrush™ RLC [RealLifeColour]™" standard. The TimeBrush RLC technology was specifically created for colorizing black & white motion pictures of the Hollywood fame. It produces rich and vibrant colours that aren't gaudy but natural and it's hard if not impossible to tell it was originally B/W.

It is very easy to use with preset colour blends for things like skin, hair, cloth, sky etc.over 52 presets in total. Colours can be applied using an unlimited number of layers and in real time. Tools include a selection tool, an eraser which repaints the original image to where you have painted, a smart paint brush which colours as you drag, a select paint tool which is a fill tool and a Magic Touch Paint tool for when you want to colourize all areas in an image automatically that have similar (and distinct in relation to other areas) colour characteristics, this is the tool to use. Select the tool, then click on the most 'unique' point (in terms of colour characteristics) of the area(s) that you wish to render (e.g. the sky). You will see the matching areas gradually transformed as per the current palette. While the operation is continuing, a dialog box gives the option to abort this rendering process. The operation is complete once this dialog disappears.

Add to this a zoom that allows you to zoom into an area which pops up as a separate window so you can do really detailed work which is synchronised with the main image so you can see instant results. There is also a pressure control and a caption tool.

I have used this for a couple of days and positive remarks I have had about the quality of the color has been amazing and created great interest. Do download the trial edition and try it, you will want to buy it.

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Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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