Type of Program: Image Manipulation
Supported Platforms: Wim 98se +
Company Name: Neuraltek
Version: 2.1 Artist Edition
Price: $79.00 for Artist Edition. From $19.00 other editions
Installed Size: Approx 5mb


I was a bit wary of reviewing this program mainly because software that converts images to art usually is complicated for the user and the results aren't that good. SketchMatrix is just the opposite.

On opening for the first time you are presented with an alert box suggesting you look at the included tutorial before you begin in ernest. It is good advice, not because the program is complicated but in case you miss out on any of the features such as Outline, Features, Shading, Detail, Eight-way positional bias controls etc. and it only takes a few minutes of your time. If you don't have the patience then go straight to the clear and concise two step wizard.

There are preset "User Models" which produce excellent results which actually do look as if they have been sketched and you can create sketch art in black & white, or in actual colors matching the source image. You can also create sketches manually using the "Effects" box where you can adjust various features such as outline, detail, shading, features and surface depth. Each one of these has sliders to increase or decrease the strength of the effect. Further customisation can be done by varying red, green, and blue glaze, focus, intensity, luminance, and a realism control to breath life into your sketches.

As I stated earlier the end results are excellent but if they don't suit you you can adjust them to your requirements. This software turns you into an artist!

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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