Type of Program: Video Download Utility
Supported Platforms: Win XP/Vista
Company Name: Sean Cotter Ltd
Version: 2
Price: 5.99
Installed Size: 311kb


The installation of VidVac is a bit different than using a straight setup.exe. The downloaded file is a zip file that you then extract the files from and run the setup.exe, easy enough.

There really isn't a Help file as such. There is a file though called READ_FIRST that has the instructions for the use of VidVac. Here is what it says:
To Extract Google video
Click on ON-LINE VIDEO SITES -> GOOGLE VIDEO -> ACTIVATE SITE. This activates a specially adapted browser. Browse to the video you wish to download or cut and paste the web address into the WEB ADDRESS textbox and click GO. Once there, allow the video to begin to load (you don't have to wait for it to load completely) and click on VIDEO SOURCE -> GOOGLE VIDEO -> GET VIDEO. This will begin an automated download for which you can choose the save location.

It has the same explanation for downloading from YouTube, iFilm, and

The shareware version comes with Google and YouTube disabled, fair enough.

Like the instructions above state the actual download and saving of video's with VidVac is a snap.

In conclusion if you want do download video's from the popular sharing sites you really can't go wrong with VidVac. Hey it is easy to use, works great and the price is really really right.

Try It! Buy It!

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Reviewed by Joe Tex

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