AKVIS Decorator

Type of Program: Graphics Plugin
Supported Platforms: Win 2000/XP/NT/Mac OS X
Company Name: AKVIS LLC.
Price: $54
Installed Size: 23.4 Mb


The first thing that you have to keep in mind is that AKVIS Decorator is what is called a Plugin. A Plugin is a piece of software that is dependent on other software to run. Or as you might expect from the name it plugs in to other software. In the case of AKVIS Decorator it is a Plugin for Photo editor type of software. Here are some of the Photo editor software that you can use AKVIS Decorator with:
Adobe Photoshop
Corel Photo-Paint
Corel Painter
Corel (Jasc) PaintShop Pro
Microsoft Digital Image Suite
Xara Xtreme
GraphicConverter X

During the installation Decorator will find and identify your Photo editors, and will ask whether you want AKVIS Decorator installed as a Plugin to these Photo editors. The first time you use AKVIS Decorator you will find that you have 10 days to evaluate it. Fair enough.

Ok the easiest way to find out how to use AKVIS Decorator is to take the Online Tutorial (you can also do it in the Help file). You are going to find that like all AKVIS products Decorator is easy to use, but produces professional results.

As an example I decided to give the white shirt in this photo some pizzazz, it took me less than a minute.


I want you to take a look at the examples Here for a better idea of what you can do.

In conclusion AKVIS Decorator is a great tool that can do great things, I heartily recommend it.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Joe Tex

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