Audiobook Cutter

Type of Program: MP3 File splitter
Supported Platforms: Win9X/NT/ME/2000/XP
Authors Name's :Philipp Henkel and Meline Seibold
Version: 5.1
Price: 0
Installed Size:


Best thing right off the bat about this little app is NO INSTALL. It runs right out of the box, so to speak. I listen to a lot of audio during any given day. Now with faster download speeds I don't mind downloading a 150MB file. I can even any audio I can get to iPod format to play on my iPod. The only thing about that is:

1. You don't want to have a 150MB non-bookmarkable MP3 file playing when all of a sudden your battery dies or you accidentally bump the Pod and it turns off or skips, and you're not looking at the screen and you don't know where you were in the audio file.

2. I have used other splitters before but they had problems, each unique to each proggie. This one is so straight forward you don't have to edit the tags of the split files because it puts them all into their own folder so the tags don't get confused on your MP3 player. Just set your playlist to play through the folders in order and Voila, big files turn into tiny manageable files.

Audiobook Cutter also has a noise detection feature that will attempt to split the file where the audio pauses or goes completely silent. It seems to work great for me.

You can set the approximate length of each cut piece. That way if you loose your place about 45 minutes into the file then you can guess about where you were in files split into 10 minutes each. That would place you about halfway through the 5th file.

Another thing about this editor is that I have used many a file splitter programs and they don't always present you with a clean cut. Words will be missing where the file is split or the naming of the split files gets skewed and you end up with a missing part or the audio tag is not properly formatted and you have too many track01_bookname.mp3 files for iTunes to understand that they are different and so will not import the separate files until you edit the tags to show they are part01_track01_bookname.mp3.

It runs a large file through at a pretty good speed so you don't have to sit while the file seems to play all the way through for it to be edited.

User Friendly:
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Reviewed by Juanita

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