MyMaillist Deluxe

Type of Program: Business
Supported Platforms: Windows XP/ME/98/2000
Company Name: Avanquest Software
Version: 8.0
Price: $49.95
Installed Size: 72 Mb


The installation of MyMaillist Deluxe is easy and intuitive. You can place the program files where you want them. However if you are on dialup the download size of the file might be a bit daunting. It is 45.5Mb. The good new about that is they have a boxed cd edition that they will send you.The first choice you have comes as the installation process is finishing. Here it is:

Newsflash enables us to notify users of latest updates and information on their MySoftware Products. Newsflash is a one-way communication, no data or information is ever sent from your computer to us or anyone else. Would you like to Install Newsflash?

When you start MyMaillist Deluxe you are informed that: You may run this program 20 times before this trial expires.

So the first question you have is what does MyMaillist Deluxe do?

This is from the Manual:
Using MyMailList, you can sort your address list and filter it to print only the names that fit a category that you specify. You can print your address list on labels, envelopes, postcards, and booklets using a variety of predefined printouts, or customize your own printouts. You can even send email messages to the email addresses on your list.
MyMailList provides full support for Bulk Mail. It can prepare and print your list—along with the required documentation—in Presort order for First-Class or Standard Bulk Mail.

Take a look at this screenshot and you will see that the layout of the program is easy to understand and easy to use. Now take a good look at the column on the left hand side. Looking at that you will get an inkling of all the things that MyMaillist Deluxe can do. Not only does MyMaillist Deluxe help you out with paper mailing tasks it also will do bulk email too.

Plus they have an arrangement that can save you up to 61% on print mailings

I decided that the first thing I would try would be to import the CSV data of an address book of a PIM that I use. With the intuitive import feature of MyMaillist Deluxe it took less than 2 minutes for me to figure out how MyMaillist Deluxe imports information and how to make sure that the fields were imported correctly. Then at the click o a button my address book with 110 entries was imported.

So in conclusion if your company does any kind of mailings at all you are going to be really impressed with the versatility, features, and ease of use that MyMaillist Deluxe has. It does everything from email, labels, postcards, envelopes and form letters. You will find out that you will save money and time. I heartily recommend it!

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Joe Tex

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