DVDCommander Pro

Type of Program: Utility
Platform: Win 9x/XP/2K3/2K/ME
Company Name:
Version: 2.9.0
Price: 9.95
Installed Size: 1131


DVDCommander Pro is a program for keeping track of your cd and dvd collection. It includes the ability to track your disk by category and has a separate tab for borrowed disks so you don't forget where that copy of your favorite game came from.

After a disk has been loaded in to a category you can see all the files that are on the disk and the size of the files with a couple mouse clicks even if the disk is no longer in your drive.  After I ejected the DVD which I told it to record the information for I encountered a bug where the program kept trying to check for a disk even though I had navigated away from the screen where I had recorded the data for the disk.

The program kept telling me 'There is no disk in drive E:'. The fact that it wanted to track that disk, or something else(I don't think the program cared what it was given to track it just wanted something more!) was amusing but repeatedly clicking 'cancel' soon got old and I had to exit the program entirely to get the error to stop.

The company website does not have a FAQ, but does have a support contact form so customer service might be able to help you with a patch or something, but shouldn't software work right away without a fix?

In short, DVDCommander Pro seems like a nice idea but the bugs scared me off after only a couple minutes of using the program.  If your looking for a program to track your music or software collection, you'll probably want to keep looking.

User Friendly 
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Cassidy

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