PC Error Eliminator

Type of Program: Utility
Supported Platform: Win 9X/XP/2K/2K3/ME
Company Name: PC Max Software
Version: 3.00
Price: $29.95
Installed Size: 675 kb


PC Error Eliminator is a program designed to fix problems within Windows, such as registry errors, missing shortcuts and various other issues that occur in Windows.

The program starts up displaying your basic system information. There is a screen for configuring options such as running at startup and also a backup option should anything you do create a problem for you later. I ran a System Scan which finished quickly (under two minutes) and found over two hundred problems within my system.

Once again though I've ran in to a familiar problem, this program won't let me fix anything that is actually found 'wrong' with my system, unless I purchase a registration code. The point of trying software before you buy it is to evaluate its usefulness I wonder how one is supposed to do that if they can't make use of the program fully even once?

If your looking for a quick fix to some problem in your registry this is one of those things that won't be of any use to you unless of course you buy it. On the upside I went to the company website for this product, they do have a FAQ however upon closer inspection the site looks eerily similar to the website for Blackhawk Software.  I reviewed their software here

Once again I optimistically tried to email their support department and once again my mail bounced back to me like a rubber ball on concrete. Avoid this software and this company the only thing they seem to do right is take users money and I'm not so sure they'd handle that well.

User Friendly 
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Cassidy

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