Type of Program: Software Submission Tool
Supported Platforms: Windows 9x/NT/2K/XP
Company Name: Rudenko Software
Version: 3.1.554
Price: $ 99.00
Installed Size: 25 mb


The installation of RoboSoft is easy and intuitive. You can place the program files where you want them.

Well I just installed and used the new RoboSoft the first thing I did was go Wow over the new updated interface, really looks modern and up to date now.

RoboSoft is a tool for software developers or people marketing software, What it is does is it makes the submission of your software to websites that will list your software a whole lot easier than you thought possible. RoboSoft keeps tabs on the over 700 possible sites that you could list your software on.

The best way to take advantage of RoboSoft is the use of it's Autosubmision Wizard. Here is how it works, First of all it updates the site list and submission forms. Then it checks your PAD file for errors and reports any to you. (Note: if RoboSoft finds PAD errors pay close attention to them, if they are not fixed your software will in many cases be rejected by lots of sites.)

Then RoboSoft will ask you what language sites and category sites you want to submit to. Then it will examine all of the sites in those categories to see if your software is already listed there. Next if will show you a Window that shows the sites it is going to submit your PAD file to and the category on that site it is going to list your software in. Any site that it has not been able to figure out the category will show up in red and you can with RoboSoft's drop down list figure it out yourself. Also at this point RoboSoft will show you if your software is already listed on a site or pending on a site.

Then RoboSoft does the submission process. After doing the "regular" submissions RoboSoft will ask if you want to submit to sites with "captchas" (captchas are those automated test that can distinguish between machines and humans online. RoboSoft actually can read most of them, those that it can't it presents to you so that you can fill in the form.

At the end it gives you the results of it's efforts, and the ability to save them as a log. Which is a smart thing to do if you want to correct any submissions that failed. Nevertheless you can use the "Generate report" feature to check also on your submissions and correct any that went wrong. You can also use this feature to check up later on whether your pending submissions have been listed.

I hope that you are drooling all over yourself about now, because RoboSoft IS the bees knees and cats meow of software submission.

And in case this is even too much work for you the people at offer a very reasonable package where they will submit your software for you.

In conclusion RoboSoft is still King! If you are submitting software this is the tool for you. Plus if you are a member of the ASP or SWRUS you can get a discount.

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Reviewed by Joe Tex

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