On Screen Keyboard

Type of Program: Visual Keyboard
Supported Platforms: Windows 9X/NT/2Kx/XP
Company Name: SoftBoy
Version: 1.896
Price: $69.95
Installed Size: 356 kb

Download/Homepage On Screen Keyboard creates a onscreen keyboard for those who have mobility impairments or just enjoy using one. The demo version I got to try offered all the standard windows keys including f1-f12, ctrl, alt, delete, etc.. There is no GUI in this program only a small keyboard which appears on your screen. The keyboard itself can be moved around with the mouse so its fairly easy to keep out the way. The program offers a number of options including key customization so any keys that you find yourself lacking you can add.

If you want to change the keyboards color or transparency there is a note on their website that you can email the company and they will do this for you. I think it would have been nice to allow users to adjust those things but fair enough they can at least be changed. The keyboard offers the option to zoom in or zoom out however I couldn't really see a difference in the keyboard size after telling it to zoom in even after restarting the program like it told me to. Another thing this program seems to be lacking is a help file. When you click the help option in the settings menu you only get a list of command line options for the program.

If you want an onscreen keyboard this program is all right, if a bit pricey. It also lacks a lot in options and configuration and as I said the zoom features don't really seem to work. Its okay for a basic keyboard but if you are looking for something more you'll probably want to keep looking.

User Friendly 
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Cassidy

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