Type of Program: Archive
Supported platforms: Win98/ME/XP/NT/2Kx/Vista
Company Name: ESTsoft Corp
Version: 6.7
Price: $0
Installed Size: 5615


Alzip is a useful utility for extracting, and creating archive files. Alzip is a wonderful little program used for packing and unpacking archived files. I installed the program, ran it and in seconds it was doing everything I could want a compression program to do.

Alzip handles over 30 types of archives including .bin and .ISO cd images. When starting the program for the first time you are greeted with a configuration menu so you can setup which file types you want Alzip to handle, then a tool tips menu comes up to give you hints on how to use the program. You can of course turn the tips off if you don't want to see them, but I think they are a nice touch for new users. Alzip not only handles about any type of compressed file you can name it also creates a long list of file types including the ever pleasing self-extracting .exe.

If I wasn't already pleased about how this program performed it also includes some very cute icons which make the program as charming as it is functional. I went to the programs website and registered so I could get all the extra goodies website members get. Call me girly-girl but I had to have all the cute little birdie things I could get. Alzip includes a help file and their website has online help as well as forums.

Finally, I come to the programs price, there isn't one its free for home use. If you want a archive utility that does everything a commercial archiving utility does with some cute addons give Alzip a chance it just may find a home on your system.While your on their website, you might want to check out some of their other free toys as well if they are anything like Alzip I'm fairly sure you won't be disappointed.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Cassidy

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