Type of Program: Utilities
Supported Platforms: Win NT/2K/XP
Company Name: Ashkon Technology L.L.C.
Version: 2.11
Price: 24.95
Installed Size: 477


RebootEx is a program for shutting down or reboot your PC at a scheduled time. This program is fairly simple, its sole purpose is to shut down or restart your computer either with a button press or at a preset time you Specify.

You can setup the program to restart your PC at a specified time or perform a shutdown over the network if you have more then one PC running the program. This program doesn't include any extras and does only what its supposed to.

It does include a brief help file but with everything at your fingertips from the GUI theres not really a need for one.

RebootEx is overpriced but if you want to save a bit of power or just turn off your PC At a certain time then this may be what your looking for.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Cassidy

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