The Time Machine

Type of Program: Desktop
Supported platforms: Win9x/ME/NT4/2Kx/XP
Company Name: Atlant software
Version: 1.32
Price: 29.95


The Time Machine is a fully functional replacement for the windows clock. The Time Machine replaces the windows clock with a fully customizable and skinable replacement. You can elect to make your clock appear anywhere on your desktop or drag it back to the system tray.

Besides being able to place your clock anywhere you can make it any shape, size, or color you want. Most of the clocks that are precreated for you with the program also include the date as well as the time so you'll no longer need to mouse over your clock to see the current date.

You can setup your clock to make a sound on the second, minute, hour or day. If you really aren't satisfied with just creating and skining your clock, the program is also skinable so anything you want to customize within the program is pretty much a option. The Time Machine offers a variety of options, not just for skins but also synchronizing the time and creating custom alarms to remind you of any pressing dates or times you need to remember.

Overall The Time Machine is a descent little program and a fair choice for replacing the default windows clock. There is a help file included and everything is fairly straight forward taking me only a few minutes to master. The price for The Time Machine is 29.95 which seems a little steep but your given thirty days in which to decide if its worth the price.

User Friendly:
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Reviewed by Cassidy

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