Weather Alarm Clock

Type of Program: Desktop
Supported platforms: Win 95/98/2000/ME/NT/XP
Company Name: Respect Soft
Version: 1.5
Price: 29.95
Installed Size: 1477


 Weather Alarm Clock is a small utility for displaying the current weather and keeping track of important dates and times.

This little program lives in your task bar displaying the current time, date and weather conditions for the zip code you specify. From the main dialog screen there are a load of options that can be set as desired. As with many little weather tracker programs it offers the current temperature and can be set to update as often as you like. The difference with this program is you can also pull up an extended forecast or make use of its extended features.

Weather Alarm Clock functions not only as a weather reminder but as the name implies also an alarm with calendar so you can setup alarms for events days, weeks or months ahead of time. The program also includes a built in atomic clock so if you ever have the wrong time you can check it against a list of time servers such as With a right click while the program is in the system tray you can update the time, create a new alarm or change the programs skin(yes, its skinable).

One minor problem I did have with it was, I had to repeatedly open the main dialog to get rid of the menu I'd brought up while the program was in its task bar state. The price for Weather Alarm Clock is 29.95 which is a little more then most weather only programs but with its extended functionality its probably not a bad buy and at least worth a look if your checking out this type of software.

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Reviewed by Cassidy

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