Bird Watcher Professional

Type of Program: Home/Hobby
Supported Platforms: Win 9x/XP/ME/2K/2K3
Company Name: RB59.COM SOFTWARE
Version: 5.0
Price: $14.95
Installed Size: 893 kb


Bird Watcher Professional is a program created for use by bird watchers to record of what birds they have seen and when.

Bird Watcher Professional is laid out very simply, and has fields to type in the type of bird, how many, where they were sighted, the zip code they were sighted in as well and check boxes for the rarity of the bird and the birds gender(if known).

It also provides a space for notes and the watchers name. Bird Watcher Professional then provides a place for storing the photos of the birds, however this is disabled in the trial edition. The program offers the ability to search for a certain sighting as well as looking for a listing alphabetically.

A modest help file is included if you need it however the program is very straight forward and easy to use. The cost for Bird Watcher Professional is 14.95 which is a fair price considering what the program has to offer.

If your looking to track your bird watching adventures easily Bird Watcher Professional is worth a look.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Cassidy

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