The Library of Cooking

Type of Program: Home/Hobby
Supported platforms: Win 9x/ME/NT/2K/2K/ME/XP
Company Name:
Version: 1.0
Price: $19.95
Installed Size: 422 kb


 The Library of Cooking is a guide to preparing meals and snacks for any size home. I opened the trial version of this program expecting it to be little more then a collection of recipes listing various dishes and how to prepare them. This is not at all the case, and if your looking for a recipe book now is a good time to use your back button on your browser.

The Library of Cooking in fact is more a how to cook type of library, it outlines terminology commonly used in cookbooks and discusses how to serve meals. It also dives in to how to store and prepare food, in case you missed a semester of home economics.

The demo version of the program is very limited but does give you some idea of what the remainder of the series will be like. This program also offer search, forward and back buttons to make navigating easier then your standard .doc type text book.

The price for The Library of Cooking is 19.95 which is pretty cheap, considering this is a five volume set. If your looking to get in to cooking or just need a bit of a refresher course then you might check out The Library of Cooking as it seems to be a valiant effort to educate the cooking impaired

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Reviewed by Cassidy

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