Mouth Watering Apple Recipes

Type of Program: ECookbook
Supported Platforms: Win 9X/XP/2Kx/ME/NT/ME
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Version: 1.0
Price: $19.97
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 Mouth Watering Apple Recipes is a ebook with some added goodies. The program, as the name suggests contains a list of recipes for apples. Besides including recipes it also includes a table of links where more recipes can be found online. The program has a search function as well as forward, back, home, contents, and print across the top for easy navigation. The trial version does not include all the recipes of the full version and many of the buttons(including print and copy) seem to be disabled. Some of the included recipes are: Spicy Apple Crisp, Raisin Apple Crisp, AppleSauce Cake,
And Apple Dumplings.

By my count the trial version boasts around 30 recipes for you to try and enjoy, while the full version claims to have more then 80. The price for the full version is 19.97 but before you make that purchase you should definitely give the demo a try and see if your going to enjoy the recipes. Overall this program is only a bit more functional then a standard ebook but the features like search and the extra buttons are a nice touch which makes finding a recipe you want quickly a lot easier. If your looking for a nice recipe book for cooking apples with some things you may not have tried check out Mouth Watering Apple Recipes and see if it fits your taste.

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