Movies Database

Type of Program: Database
Supported platforms: Win 9X/XP/ME/NT/2K
Company Name: Sabterian Ltd.
Version: 1.34
Price: 39.00
Installed Size: 47mb


Movies Database is a program for looking up movies, actors and movie information. The first thing I have to mention about this program is, it is very big. It took about 10 minutes to download on my 1Mbit connection.

The first time it is ran the program starts displaying a nag screen reminding you have ten days to register, after you enter your information (name, email, etc) the program then restarts. This program is by no means small, and it takes a good bit to load on my 2.8 GHz system.

But once you get in to it, it really does do okay. You enter a movie name with the add movie button and it will look up the movie and provide all the information anyone could want on a title. I started by adding Tuck Everlasting, a Disney movie from 2002. It looked up the movie and then added it to my list of acquired movies. I then tried to view a trailer for the movie, with the 'view trailer' button and got a page can not be displayed screen.

Optimistically I tried adding another movie, and didn't get a page for viewing the trailer again... Oh well, maybe next time? The program does offer a variety of options, including Google searching for a title, importing a title, and a button to retrieve movie images. Another little bug worth mentioning is, when I installed the program it didn't create a working shortcut on my desktop so I had to manually navigate to the program which while not hard was a bit of a pain. A final flaw I need to bring up, is the programs website, trust me when I say dialup users have no business anywhere near this website unless you are going there to order something its well.. A bandwidth hog.

Movies Database is an okay program with a few bugs and a lot that could be improved on. If you want a way to look up your movies I suggest you stay away from this and use until you find something better.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Cassidy

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