Smart Desktop Calendar

Type of Program: Desktop
Supported Platforms: Win ME/NT/XP/2Kx
Company Name: Smart Soft
Version: 3.3
Price: 19.90
Installed Size: 935kb


Smart Desktop Calendar is a calendar program with built in reminders. When I started the program I was taken directly to its main screen with the current months calendar displayed.

I like the background it starts up with which is blue and white, however if you decide this is something you don't care for it can be changed. through the options menu.

Smart Desktop Calendar is nice in that it can be kept on your screen or displayed in just a small icon in the system tray displaying the current date and remember important times and dates you put in as important.

You can edit holidays, add or remove events and change other settings all through the options menu in the top toolbar of the program's main screen and there's nothing hard here, everything is fairly straight forward and the program seems to be working smoothly. That is, of course, no bugs to be found and no strange error or warning messages where there shouldn't be.

I didn't even get a registration nag screen though there is a buy now button on the programs main screen. The price here is pretty standard for calendar type programs and a help file is included if you need it.

If you're looking for a calendar and reminder program for a good price give this a try its not bad.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Cassidy

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