Website X5 Evolution

Type of Program: Web site generator
Supported Platforms: Win 98/NT/2Kx/ME/XP/Vista
Company Name: Incomedia
Version: Evolution
Price: 59.95 Euros plus VAT/TAX where appropriate


This has to be one of the most simple website generators to use that produces high quality professional sites. So easy in fact that the proverbial "Granny" really could use it.

A website in just five easy steps is what the manufacturer says and 5 easy steps it is. You need no programming skills, each step is accompanied by a visual guide informing you of what each operation does. Included are 1000 graphic website templates plus the facility to create custom templates, it also includes an e-commerce form for building online shops with categories and is pre-set for credit card payments. Also included is a 3D button editor, FTP engine and tools for the creation of a reserved area, Feed RSS and multi-language sites. On top of all that you can create a slide show of images by selecting the photos then choose between the more than 50 transition effects to apply, define the graphic aspects and it's in the bag: you will have a Slide Show that all your friends, relations and colleagues can enjoy to the full.

There is still more, the program comes with it's own graphics editor with filters (black and white, sepia, etc..), masks, frames and borders and there is a extremely useful color dropper tool, thanks to which you can "capture" the color of any object that is visible on screen, even outside the programme. As well as setting up defaults, established by the choice of graphics model applied, with WebSite X5 Evolution you have complete control of the aspect of the various elements making up your website's interface. You can personalize the text style, the hypertextual links, the navigation menu and the scrollbar. Moreover, you can make use of the practical internal editor to obtain 3D buttons with mouseover effects for the menu.

Page construction is based on a grid, you can set the number of lines and columns, merge contiguous cells, define the aspect of single cells and insert content by simply dragging and dropping the elements available: Text with RollOver, Images, Flash Animation, Video and Audio, Slide Shows, formatted Tables, Image Galleries, HTML Codes and Forms for sending emails. The number of pages and web sites you can create is unlimited and the published output is in strict XHTML with external stylesheets making your sites search engine friendly. The built in FTP will also upload only the files you have altered when you make changes to a published site, thus saving you time. For the more advanced user there are facilities to import videos, audio and flash animation. HTML and Java Script can also be imported.

As well as the visual guide there are excellent online video tutorials as well as a PDF version.

This is an excellent piece of software, reasonably priced and you really should try it you will find it hard to be parted from it if you do.

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Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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