Windows Vista

Type of Program: Operating System
Supported Platforms: Windows Vista
Company Name: Microsoft
Version: Home Premium
Price: Various
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The installation sucked and it was downhill from there. From that I guess you get the general tenor of this reviewer's experience. From the advice that I had been given I did some things in anticipation of the installation of Windows Vista. I had run the Vista Upgrade Advisor. The advice that piece of crap gave me was that all was cool. It advised that I had only one or two software's that weren't going to work with Vista.

I had been advised that I should do two other things. I should do the Windows Easy Transfer,  and start with a clean disk. I did both. I was also told not to activate Vista for awhile so that I could start all over again if needed.

So off I went blindly into the wilderness. When I had used a fresh drive to do the install I hadn't changed in the BIOS the system date figuring Vista would effortlessly put at least that in order.

So Vista did actually install easily and quickly. But then what did I have? Well the first thing I had was a warning that my activation time was going to expire very quickly, like one day or less. Probably because of that date in the BIOS. So I was forced to activate. That pissed me off.

Next move, let Windows Easy Transfer move everything into position and be back in business right? Yah what a laugh! It got the settings and Documents moved just fine. The software though... What bullshit! Less than half of my software worked, and Windows actually ate the .exe files of a whole bunch of my software.

But hey why should I complain? I now had the latest and greatest operating system in the world installed on my computer. An operating system that was faster, cooler looking and that had some many advantages over other operating systems that existed. Yah more horse manure. Yes it looks sort of neater, but what does it really do for me in my computing experience that is actually better? It does one thing for me, the searches are faster.

I also tried Windows Speech Recognition. Hey I had to. I broke my right upper arm so I was only able to type with my left arm. Surely Windows Speech Recognition would be just what I needed. I did the training part numerous times, used a headset as recommend. Plus I was ready for it to be awhile before it got my speech patterns. What a piece of shit. I just had to give up on it and type one fingered one handed. It is much faster than dealing with the inaccuracies of Windows Speech Recognition. I did continue trying it out on just commands for awhile, you know stuff like "Copy" "Paste" but my left hand improved much faster than Windows Speech Recognition. Conclusion - You would have to be one really handicapped desperate SOB to get any use out of Windows Speech Recognition. And before you got it to work you would be able to add insanity to your list of handicaps from the foul-ups of this crappy software.

In conclusion don't even think about going out and buying Windows Vista and installing it on your current machines. The only way you should get Windows Vista is if it comes bundled with buying a new computer. Then you had better keep your old XP machine handy to work with the software that never will work with Windows Vista.

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Reviewed by Joe Tex

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