Advanced JPEG Compressor

Type of Program: Graphics
Supported Platforms: Win 9x/ME/NT/XP/2K
Company Name: WinSoftMagic Development
Version: 5.0
Price: $30
Installed Size: 1080kb


Advanced Jpeg Compressor is a program designed to resize images. It starts up displaying a very full interface loaded with options through which you can not only compress an image but do many other things as well. I loaded up a descent sized image and in short order compressed it, rotated it, and then went a step further and tweaked the brightness.

Really the only thing I can see this program is missing to be a complete suite is photo editing tools. If I wanted to crop out redeye in a picture here it wouldn't be an option. However, the program does what its supposed to do which is compress images, it even handles batch files if thats what you need and there is a slider to control exactly how much things get compressed.

The program has a lot of options which could be intimidating to some people however they all have tip text which appears at the bottom of the screen when you mouse over a button so it shouldn't be hard to figure out which way is up.

The price here is good for all the programs tweaks and options and I didn't have any problems using it right after starting it up so if you need a compression program this is a descent one.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Cassidy

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