Keyboard Maniac

Type of Program: Macro
Supported Platforms: Win 9x/ME/NT/XP/2K
Company Name: Keyboard Maniac (TM)
Version: 4.25
Price: 19.95
Installed Size: 4.23


Keyboard Maniac is a program to create hotkeys and shortcuts for your programs or even to shortcut heavily used folders.

I started the program and within minutes was easily creating shortcuts, I wired the f1 key to open my docs and f2 to launch notepad. The program is fairly straight forward, but does require you to browse to the file you want to launch if its not in the pre-setup list of files and folders.

There are some useful options to be found here, like telling the program to run on startup, play a sound when a hotkey shortcut is executed and playing a sound when you press a hotkey so you won't be surprised when a program starts when you didn't expect it (like an accidental key press).

The program itself overall is adequately functional and does include a help file if its ever needed.

The setback here isn't a major one, but I think Keyboard Maniac is a bit overpriced for what it does however not grossly so if your looking for a hotkey program and find this one useful its probably not a bad buy. editors note: Since the program was submitted for Review the price has been reduced $10.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Cassidy

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