Super Email Spider

Type of Program: Email
Supported Platforms: Win 9x/ME/NT/XP/2Kx
Company Name:
Version: 2.67
Price: $80
Installed Size: 1.6mb


Super Email Spider is a program for extracting email addresses from search engines. It starts up reminding you its unregistered then brings you to a screen asking you to input a keyword.

Now, before I go any farther, let me go on the record as saying "I hate spammers and think they should suffer painful spider bites until they cry for mercy". I am going to assume however that someone somewhere will find a legitimate use for this and continue.

The program is fairly easy, as you enter the search term you want to hunt for and it searches pages on the search engine and returns the results of what it found. You can then save the listing of email s to a file and edit it or do whatever your heart desires.

The program works fine as in no bugs, and there's not a lot of frills or extra options on this one. It does however do what it claims which is fetch e-mail's from a search engine.

The price for its services though, well, you may have to break the piggy bank for this one its just plain silly.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Cassidy

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