Type of Program: Database Website Generator
Supported Platforms: Windows All
Company Name: The DevShop Ltd
Version: 5.2 Ecommerce
Price: US $179.95


This program is simply amazing. It will generate a database web site in ASP & PHP, SQL, Java Script without the user having any knowledge of any of those languages. It supports MySQL, MS Access, MS SQL Server and other databases. It also Features a built-in Table Designer and Visual Query Builder and it can be hosted on either a Windows or Linux server. As well as all that it can create pages for Searching & Displaying Records, editing records,importing and exporting records and Shopping carts and links to payment gateways

The features included in the program are too numerous to mention them all here but some of the eye catching ones include the ability to test your site on your PC without having to install a server and you can see what changes you think should be made. That's another feature, you can alter the design at any stage and not have to start all over again and there are supplied templates or you can create your own. For a full list of features visit .

dbQwikSite includes integrated support for localizing pages, the same pages design can be localized into several different languages. Integrated are number to features to help you create and modify your database tables as you work. Among these are tools to convert PC files such as Excel or comma delimited files to tables. Import MySQL Scripts to create local tables, design tables based on a rich set of table templates. With dbQwikSite you can edit your tables as you work. Database web page design is as much about databases as it is about web pages. The program also lets you import "Native" HTML pages. Once imported you can build links between "Native" HTML pages and dbQwikSite designed pages which makes for easy site integration.

Some of the uses for this software are: Online Product Catalogues, Complete web stores, B2B Applications, FAQ pages, Secure Online data management, Online lists, Online reports, Events and Schedule sites, Real Estate listings, Help Desk and support pages.

I have used this program for a week now and can tell you that you can create database based web sites with consummate ease and very, very quickly. The wizards and pre made templates make this a very simple process especially for the novice but you have the facilities there also for the professional webmaster.. You can download a 7 day fully functional trial and I think that if you do you will probably buy. The price for what you get is very favourable. I highly recommend this.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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