Type of Program: Webshop Authoring Software
Supported Platforms: Word 2000 onwards
Company Name:Connected Shopping Ltd
Version: 1.3d
Price: 50.00 (software only)


I have reviewed and tried many ecommerce programs all of which were capable of ecommerce but lacked various options and one wished that you could have all those options in one program that was also simplicity itself to use.

My wish has been granted! Doc2Shop is the answer to all your ecommerce needs and you don't need a degree in computer science to use it. All you need is Microsoft Word 2000 or higher and you are, as they say, hot to trot. Read the tutorial first and all will become clear in minutes also the help file is one of the best I have seen for a long, long time.

All you need to do is to be able to enter text and insert an image. Everything is done by preloaded macro and table. Just fill in the labeled cells with the relevant info or image url, select a style press "Preview" and your site is built ready for uploading and previewing. No SQL, no PHP just plain and simple with professional results. Those of you more experienced can then tweak the resultant HTML files if needed. Style can also be altered by adjusting the CSS files to suit yourself.

The shopping cart uses Mal's Ecommerce as the back end which gives you Shipping calculator - 8 different methods. Tax calculator - 4 different methods. Issue gift or discount coupons. Discounts. Integrated UPS and USPS rate services. Advanced shipping: 22 zones, 6 options per zones, rate tables with up to 28 bands. Unlimited product options that don't change the price. Quantity discounts for individual products.

The list of features is huge. A couple that caught the eye were the opportunity to have options on the product page for sizes, colours etc as well as different prices for different options where applicable. You can also have unlimited departments and categories as well as unlimited physical products. Products can also be featured on the home page. You can Flag a product on 'Sale' and Doc2shop will automatically calculate and highlight savings. Also available is the facility to import and export store as XML file - allows integration with 3rd party applications.

This program does everything you could want in an ecommerce program and more, you can even export and import product data as a CSV file, ideal for dropshippers. I am totally blown away by its ease of use whilst retaining a thoroughness I thought I would never see in such a program. Visit for full feature details, it is worth a look. The software itself, if you have hosting, is only 50.00 can you believe that? Try the fully functional demo (ftp only limited to 10 products) you will be amazed.

User Friendly:
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Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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