Abexo Registry Cleaner

Type of Program: Utility
Supported Platforms: Win XP/Vista
Company Name: Abexo
Version: 5.2
Price: $20
Installed Size: 955


Abexo Registry Cleaner is as the name suggests, a program to clean up errors in the windows registry. Abexo Registry Cleaner is a bit different then some of its competition. The options are presented through menus and the first thing you find will probably not be the actual scan button.

There is an auto run option, that will scan your PC, cleanup the errors, then restart it for you or you can do a more standard scan and do the cleanup and restarting yourself.

The manual scan is probably the safer option in case there are things in your registry that you don't want changed however, the auto scan is probably easier for the new user so there is something here for everyone no matter how computer savvy you are. I ran a manual scan and found about 300 errors. I then removed them(yay!) and compressed my registry before restarting.

I'm happy to say this one works well and the price is good for all it does. If you're looking for a registry cleaning program this isn't a bad choice!

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Cassidy

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