HTML Password Lock

Type of Program: Webpage
Supported Platforms: Win9x/ME/NT//XP/2000/Vista
Company Name: MTop Software Inc.
Version: 4.0
Price: 49.95
Installed Size: 750kb


HTML Password Lock is a program for adding password protection to web sites.

The program is entirely menu driven and walks you through the whole process so even if you don't know html you should have no problems with this one.

You start out selecting files or folders you want to protect. Then your asked to choose between a single password or giving out usernames and passwords. Which could be useful for example if you run a members only website or charge for access. After entering all this you are asked to configure some options like where to send people who get the password wrong, and exactly what type of protection to use like cookies or per session validation.

When you're all done it will tell you how many files are protected and if you're using the unregistered version nag you to register.

Over all the program does all right, though it could be more configurable and a little more flashy in the end it does its job.

The problem I see here is the programs price, you can install .htaccess for free or download code to do basically the same things for free off many web sites.

If you're a novice user and need to do passwords, or just don't want to mess with technical stuff this program is fine and will achieve your passwording goals on the other hand if you're a penny pincher like myself with a bit of know how save your money you can do better.

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Reviewed by Cassidy

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