Fast Video Indexer

Type of Program: Video tool
Supported Platforms: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Company Name: Inzomia
Version: 1.02
Price: $34
Installed Size: 4 Mb


The installation of Fast Video Indexer is easy and intuitive. Also you can place the program files easily where you want them.

Here is what the company says this program does:
Fast video indexer brings order to your digital video collection. With index pictures it is easy to browse your video collection and you get good overview of what a video is about without watching it. Index pictures are a great way to present downloadable videos on the web. Visitors can get a quick overview before they take the time to download the actual video file saving them time and you money. With Fast Video Indexer it is easy to index your entire video collection without manual steps creating index pictures, web indexes or a simple folder with images.

The first time you start Fast Video Indexer you get a Window that in a nutshell explains to you how to use the program. When I tried out Fast Video Indexer on a folder of videos after awhile I got a pop-up that said I needed a video codec ffdshow, it also linked to two places to download the file. So I went and downloaded the codec (ffdshow). The only problem I have with this operation is that during the install of the codec I was presented with options of components to install, not having a clue I picked the default which was one component out of five. Then I got another pop-up saving I was missing another codec and that the required codec (fourcc) is unknown. It told me to try either the xpcodec pack or K Lite codec pack. I tried the xpcodec pack. That apparently didn't do the trick so I tried the other.

When Fast Video Indexer finished with the folder I had run the test on I got a window that showed in a text format the path, length, number of images captured, width, height, and errors. If I clicked on one of them I would get a Window like this:

When I tried the Index and Playlist buttons I found out that I needed more software albeit free for home use (Inzomia viewer 3).

Now this all may sound like one big hassle, but it really isn't. The real question is at the end of the day does Fast Video Indexer do what it advertises. The answer is a resounding yes. There are all kinds of reasons to use Fast Video Indexer, you can generate webpages with the images so easy that you won't believe it! Fast Video Indexer has a number of options too so that you can really get it to do what you want.

In conclusion I really like Fast Video Indexer and can see lots of uses for it.

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Reviewed by Joe Tex

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