United States ZIP Code Database

Type of Program: Business
Supported Platforms: Windows Any
Company Name: Hexa Software Development Center
Version: Sept 07
Price: $59.95 incl. 1 year of updates or $19.95 with one month of updates.
Installed Size: 60kb


United States ZIP Code Database is a list of U.S. Zip codes for quick reference. I downloaded the file they provided us and it only contained a bit of information on zip code format and a few zip codes.

Undeterred I went to their website and tried the 'free demo' which is basically a lookup tool from which you can search for a zip code by typing in a city or a city by typing in its zip code. It does go a bit further and also allow you to search for a zip code by typing in an area code from a phone number or typing in a county name.

I don't really see a use for this type of software unless you do a lot of zip code look ups for a business or something but the online demo at least worked well enough. Its hard for me to rate their software based on a demo but from what I've seen if its like the website based demo it does work and that's really about all I can say for it.

If you need this, then by all means test it out online if not well, then I guess you'll just have to live without knowing the zip code for Clinton New York and other exotic places!

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Reviewed by Cassidy

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