Business Letter Professional 2007

Type of Program: Business
Supported Platforms: Windows
Company Name: eMatrixSoft
Version: 6.6
Price: $40
Installed Size: 1.2mb


Business Letter Professional 2007 is a program for creating and printing professional looking letters.

When the program is started you are brought to a page where you can choose from some templates. The only templates you can actually see, or work with in the trial version are the ones in the Agreement' category. I found this to be annoying and as such I couldn't test the program as much as I might have.

From the looks of the other categories though there are more then a few templates to choose from. Once you've picked a template the program is basically a fancy text editor and functions as such. The short story here is the program works, and provides an easy way to type up form style letters.

I should mention though, there is no stationary here only form letters to edit. Everything was where it should be as far as the application being easy to use and the price is okay for all the typing and drafting Business Letter Professional 2007 can save someone.

If you need this type of software I won't say avoid this one as its not bad but it does have some descent competition as well.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Cassidy

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