Type of Program: Home Finance
Supported Platforms: Win ME/NT/XP/2Kx
Company Name: Dataware
Version: 2.0
Price: $14.95
Installed Size: 300kb


Checkbook is a very simple check registry program. When you start it, you are brought to the main screen where you can manage accounts, add or remove transactions and generally log all your financial doings.

The program functions about like a paper check registry with the exception that its much easier to handle multiple accounts this way.

There aren't a lot of flashy graphics here, or a lot of options in fact the only options worth mentioning are the ability to change the date format or to print pages from the registry.

All in all this small program is functional as one could expect for the size and does indeed do everything it was claimed to. If you need a compact application(that in fact would fit on a 1.4mb floppy) this is a good choice for a price that probably wont break the bank.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Cassidy

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