Type of Program: Photo Effects
Supported Platforms: Win All
Company Name: Lincoln Beach Software
Version: 1.0.6.a
Price: US$29.99(Integrated), US$9.99 each(Individual)


This really is an excellent easy to use suite of photo effects programs which has the added bonus of not needing an expensive image editor, such as Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, to operate. Not only that you can forget all that layer and masking stuff that other complicated image editors use, this is point and click with stunning results.

Buy the integrated suite and you get all these:

IE Deja Vu
Use the photograph's own image as a background to accent your subject matter.

IE Picture Framer
Set your photos in a virtual picture frame. Select from any number of frame templates to frame your favorite pictures in.

IE Photomontage
Create a montage effect from a single photo. Another point and click IE tool that yields superb masterpieces!

IE BrightSpot
Make your subject matter standout out with BrightSpot. You can give your entire image a new look this way. Convert the photo to black and white and then "paint" back the parts you want to be in color!

IE Feather Art
Feather Art is also another great way to bring out the subject of your photo. By softening the edges with a feathered effect you can bring the focus right to your subject.

IE FrameOut
Like BrightSpot, FrameOut is also a great way to bring out the subject of your photo. By giving you a "picture within a picture" you can lift the subject right off the page!

IE Kaleidoscope
Everybody loves the kaleidoscope, so why not use one on your pictures! Great for creating scrap book images! You can quickly take any part of a picture and make a kaleidoscope image from it!

I urge you to take a look at the examples in each program at the ImageElements site( which will convince you of the quality of the results. The integrated suite contains all 7 programs and represents tremendous value for money at US$29.99 and there is also a free download of frames included in the integrated suite.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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