3D Snow

Type of program: Screensaver
Supported platforms: Win 9x/ME/2000/XP
Company name: All-Sweets
Version: 1.0
Cost: $19
Installed size: 479


This screensaver snows on your desktop. You can turn on snowy cover, which means the snow sticks, and slowly covers the entire desktop, or freezing which means the snow does not stick. You can also set the snow speed, the number of snowflakes, snowflake size, and blizzard.

The snowflake size, set to the highest setting, is particularly pretty, as they are big enough to see the lacey detail of the snowflakes. When you click on settings, the snow runs so you can see what would be the results of the setting you pick.

Ease of Installation:
Sound & graphics:
Reviewed by Stormy Strock

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