KeyProwler Pro

Type of Program: Security
Supported Platforms: Windows
Company Name: APANSoftware
Version: 2.7
Price: 24.99
Installed Size:


So the first question that arose was: where do I install the downloaded file? Do I install on the computer that I want to monitor? Or do I install it on my computer, the one I want the information to be sent to.

I thought that the Video Demo link on the Home Page would offer a clue, but that turned out to be a link to nowhere. So throwing caution to the wind I ran the downloaded file on my computer, when the install finished I was asked if I wanted to launch KeyProwler Pro Beta. I clicked yes..

And nothing happened..

I went to the place where I had directed KeyProwler Pro Beta to install and there I found a .msi file. When I ran that I was offered three options, modify, repair, remove. I first tried repair. It ran, but still I couldn't find any program files. so..

I ran remove.

Performance: 0
User Friendly: 0
Cost: 0
Ease of Installation: 0
Support: 0
Reviewed by Joe Tex

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