Bulk Email mailer

Type of Program: Email
Supported Platforms: Win 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista
Company Name: IM-Soft
Version: 5.3
Price: $69
Installed Size: 700kb


Well, Bulk Email mailer is supposed to be email software for companies or people who need to send large amounts of mail to people on a mailing list.

I downloaded what was supposed to be a trial version of their program and guess what, no program to be seen. Instead, what I got was a glorified guide to how their product works. While the guide is almost in depth enough to make think "Gee, this is a real product perhaps I should purchase it". Reality then shows up, and I realize "Oh yeah, these people already lied to me to get me to download what I was told was their program". In the same way I know not to take candy from strangers(except chocolate) I know not to trust these people blindly enough to throw forty dollars in their general direction. They wasted my time, but that happens don't let them waste your time and money. In the time I spent looking through their guide, I've come up with a few alternate ways to spend forty dollars that would be a better investment and more entertaining.
1) Buy a hammer, repeatedly bang hammer on wall, get wall repaired.
2) Buy a car tire, then roll it off down the street and never go pick it up
3) Apply open flame to two twenty dollar bills, this produces at least four seconds of entertainment.
I'm done with this one, stay away its probably a scam and even if its not, its way over priced.

Performance:  0
User Friendly: 0
Cost: 0
Ease of Installation:
Support: 0
Reviewed by Cassidy

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