MP3 + Free-TV

Type of Program: Internet Multimedia
Supported Platforms: Win XP/2Kx/Vista
Company Name: RadioJockey.NET
Price: Free (I call it Adware)
Installed Size: 11.6Mb


You have the choice of running the installer in either English or German. Well the next thing that happens is that the installer shows a window that says "Please close the Internet Explorer before install!". If that isn't a suspicious request then I don't know one..

After the install finished and I let all the Zone Alarm alerts go through the first thing that happened was my default web browser opened up to a Amazon page selling "Audio, TV & Home Theater". Why shit I think that MP3 + Free-TV fits the definition of at least Adware.

The program itself then gave me this window:

As you see my search term was talk. I then attempted to select some "talk" stations by clicking on them and holding down the Ctrl button. I quickly found out that if you released the Ctrl button to scroll down you lost your selected stations. It didn't help to keep the Ctrl button pushed down and scroll either.

I finally did manage to get some stations added. I found out after messing around a bit that I then had to right click a station to get anything done like listen, record, add more stations. I had first selected six stations, I found out that only three of them were working.

Part of the package is Radiojockey which has a very large database of stations. Ok here is where I bailed. When I right clicked on a station in Radiojockey and picked something like "visit the stations internet page" I got a popup in Firefox saying that I asked to install radiojockey.xpi. I didn't do that. Instead I searched the internet and came up with this:
The application is absolutely free of charge (with the advertising banners; if you want them excluded from the interface, then paying a fee of approximately $13 is necessary)

Well the main program already had given me an ad at the beginning and now it's cousin wanted to give me more? No thanks I don't like being lied to since both programs state no Adware or Spyware.

In conclusion about the only thing that this thing might be useful for is recording. I'm not sure though since I didn't get that far. Plus the GUI really sucks. I'll stick to Shoutcast and for finding radio stations. As for recording well frankly i can't really see the need, and if I did though I would really want something with an integrated schedule feature. I didn't get to the tv stations either but my past experience with internet tv except for Joost is only for the really desperate with no local or cable tv.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Joe Tex

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