USB over Network

Type of Program: Network
Supported Platforms: Windows Vista/XP/2Kx
Company Name: FabulaTech
Version: 3.2.2
Price: $99.95
Installed Size: 1.25 Mb


Well USB over Network sure is one slick idea! Imagine being able to share your USB devices in your home or office without moving them around. With USB over Network that is exactly what you can do.

Here is how it works. You install the server software on the computer that has all of the USB devices. Then you install the client software on the computer(s) that you want to be able to use the devices.

There are though a few things you have to keep in mind. Lets say that you want to share your printer (host computer) with your wife's (client) computer. So you go to your wife's computer find the printer on your computer then connect to it. Well first your computer must allow the sharing. Then your wife's computer must install the printer drivers. Also while your greedy wife (or co-worker) is using the printer no one else can use it. If you think about it this actually is just common sense, you can't really expect two computers to access the same thing over USB at the same time. Once you understand this you will get along with USB over Network just fine.

In conclusion USB over Network is going to save you time and money. It is the Real Deal!

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Reviewed by Joe Tex

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