XP Smoker Pro

Type of Program: System Utility
Supported Platforms: Win 98/XP/ME/2Kx
Company Name: Waresoft Software
Version: 5.3
Price: $39.95
Installed Size: 4.5mb


Xp Smoker Pro at first look reminds me a lot of Tweaki.

Its a program for tweaking windows settings and optimizing performance. When you start the program your presented with hundreds of options listed by category on the left hand side of the screen. From these categories you can choose to set options for security, passwords, system maintenance, or General tweaks. Each of these is filled with sub categories, while I could go on and list all the sub categories and what each does I think I'll stick with a general summary.

I used the one-touch button to tweak my system by the way and it did everything pretty well I then went back and micro managed changes I wanted. All together the program works wonderfully, no nags or reminders and no "you must register to do this".

The program does what it claims allows you to optimize and tune up your system and connection without a big headache. If you know what you want from your system settings, this program is a must if your a little new to the tweaking arena you may have some issues but theres nothing here that isn't explained.

I think the programs one drawback is its price tag of forty dollars if not for that this would be a excellent application but still, its pretty good

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Cassidy

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