Input Director

Type of Program: Multi Monitor
Supported Platforms: Win XP/2Kx/Vista
Authors Name: Shane Richards
Price: Freeware
Installed Size: 1.6 Mb


Ok here is the deal. Input Director works over a network so that you can use the monitors from one system on another. Over the years I have been using MaxiVista for just this purpose. But the video drivers that my current system use with Vista makes it incompatible with MaxiVista. So I figured I might as well give Input Director a try. Though since I figured Input Director might be making some tricky changes to my systems I created a System Restore point on both systems.

You first download and install Input Director on both systems, then you should go to:

By going through the easy to follow steps in the QuickStart guide above you should be able to get your system configured in a few minutes.

Frankly I was quite skeptical about the chances of Input Director working. First of all MaxiVista won't work and my Master System is Vista and the Slave system XP. Well I was wrong Input Director works flawlessly. Though there is a big difference between Input Director and MaxiVista. MaxiVista creates virtual monitors where you can take programs that you are running on your Master system and place them on the monitor(s) on the Slave system. With Input Director you can just use your mouse and keyboard on your Master system to control the software on your Slave system.

Above I said you can "just" use your keyboard and mouse on the Slave system. Well believe me that is enough! The clipboard also works between the two. It also works flawlessly with multi-monitors on both systems. In my case with my two systems I have a regular computer with two monitors and a laptop with two monitors. Sure works Great!

In conclusion if you work with two computers side by side you would have to be a complete idiot not to use Input Director. And have a heart, donate to Shane, look at what he has done for you!

User Friendly:
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Reviewed by Joe Tex

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