Type of Program: Online Storage
Supported Platforms: All
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Price: Free
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The Homepage of the company proclaims: is free to use online mobile software. Create your own web space with content and information you can access from any location, computer or mobile device.

So I clicked on the "start now" I got:
Step 1 of 3 is free to use online mobile software. No payment details are required.

By registering now you will have automatic access to your mobile software which is available online via our website. You do not need to install any software. Your software access account details will be sent to you immediately after registering.

Please enter your email address to commence the registering process for

So I unwillingly entered an email address. The next screen demanded all of my contact details, reluctantly O filled them in, then actually took a look at the "Terms of Use". At the bottom I found this:
2. Any outstanding payments are due immediately if you cancel your account with outstanding monies.

Golly what happened to " is free to use online mobile software"?

Next I got this:
Step 3 of 3

Congratulations, you have now completed your registration and can enjoy the power of An email confirmation has been sent to your email address with your unique password.

Why not extend the flexibility of by upgrading your service to either our Intermediate or Premium accounts:
Intermediate - 19.99 per year
Premium - 39.99 per year

What a surprise!

Well I hadn't given them any credit card information so I decided to continue on with the program and do the activate software with the password they emailed me. So I went back to their webpage and went to the "my account page" and filled in my email address and the password. I then went to my homepage.

This is where all of my previous skepticism ended. You get lots for free!
My Aid Memoirs
My RSS Feeds
My Search Engines
My Messages
My Contacts
My Lists
My Online Files - This one costs money
My Vault - This one costs money
My SMS Messages - This one costs money

So what is the bottom line here? Well does provide for you many things for free that are useful and then can be accessed by you online from any computer. The only problem is that there aren't any import facilities that would really make it top notch. But hell, what can you expect for free?

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Support: Unknown
Reviewed by Joe Tex

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