SEO SpyGlass

Type of Program: Search Engine Optimisation
Supported Platforms: Windows/Linux/Mac OS X
Company Name: Link-Assistant
Version: 3.2.3
Price: $87


The one thing all webmasters, amateur and pro, find really tedious is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). It is extremely time consuming therefore expensive and a task we could do with simplifying. Now it has been done! SEO SpyGlass extracts all the information from your high ranked competitors site that you need to apply to your site and thus overtake them in the Search Engines ratings.

Give SEO SpyGlass a high ranked competitors url and in a matter of minutes, this smart tool will calculate the total number of backlinks the site has and show the exact URL of each and every backlink. It will show you the best keywords to optimize the site for. SEO SpyGlass will show you the Google PageRank of every backlink which tells a lot in terms of how important these links are to Google. Plus, SpyGlass will let you see the total number of PageRank 0 to PageRank 10 backlinks your competitor has - you will need to mirror these numbers to beat your competitor's PageRank. You can also see the Alexa Traffic Rank of every backlink. You can easily see if your competitors are buying site-wide links. It will show you which anchor texts and page titles work for your competition.

These are just some of the features, the full list can be found here

I have been delving into SEO SpyGlass and am amazed at the amount of information it found on a competitor site which should mean I can implement a strategy to climb above them very quickly. There is even a report facility which will advise you how to improve your site optimisation strategy in seven easy to understand steps.

Limited space here prevents me from listing all the features of this program but suffice it to say this is the first program I have seen with such comprehensive information and been able to understand how to use it to its full advantage.

Ideal for novice and pro alike and worth its weight in gold.

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Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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