Type of Program: Link Builder SEO tool
Supported Platforms: Win/Mac/Linux
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Version: 2.5.17
Price: $147


LinkAssistant is a complete, highly configurable working environment with all the tools an SEO needs to easily accomplish all her link building chores - from finding potential link partners and writing personalized emails, to generating a links directory, designing it so that it matches the site's look-n-feel, and making it available online. Many a webmaster's hours are consumed by search engine optimization. Time is taken to search for links, manually write emails asking for reciprocal links, checking links are in place etc etc. What LinkAssistant will do is find links by keyword search, competition analysis,harvest links from a Web page, search for link partnership submission forms and automatically fill them in, discover sites that already link to yours and more!

Once you've found your potential link partners, you can to go through the list and meticulously analyze them to determine who the quality link partners are. LinkAssistant makes this job a snap by telling you all you need to know about every link partner SEO-wise, including Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, and, of course, your link partners' link popularity in all major search engines.

After you've successfully qualified your potential link partners using LinkAssistant and your personal judgment, you need to create a links directory and populate it with links to the site's you've approved. LinkAssistant makes this very easy for you. With a few clicks, you can automatically generate a professional link directory that matches the design of your site. LinkAssistant's HTML editor supports dozens of variable to let you tweak the design and look of your pages how you want it. Now you can email all those potential link partners, not only can LinkAssistant both send and receive emails, it also includes a set of completely customizable email templates that'll help you write personalized messages more efficiently. When that is done LinkAssistant can periodically check your backlinks and also monitor your rankings in major search engines.

A fuller list of features can be found here This software will seriously improve your search engine ranking and increase your traffic, an absolute bargain at $147

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