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Type of Program: Search Engine Rankings Tracker
Supported Platforms: Windows/Linux and Mac OS X
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Version: 4.2.5
Price: $87.00


One of the burdens of being a webmaster, amateur or pro, is Search Engine rankings.  Are you using the right keywords? How do you see where you are placed on the many search engines out there?  You can of course do it all manually and that takes literally hours or you could give Rank Tracker a try.

Rank Tracker Reveals your search engine rankings with a click of a button
No more spending hours on end manually checking your site's positions in search engines. It will show if your site moved up or down in search results, help you discover profitable keywords you've been missing out on, and show you the best keywords to optimize your site ranking. Rank Tracker comes with a total of 8 different keyword suggestion tools including a powerful "Suggest Keywords" feature, with it, you'll be able to grab traffic-generating keywords for your site.  Rank Tracker supports 327 international and local search engines so you can track your rankings using the engine that matters most to you.  You can checkout the complete list here

Rank Tracker can also show you how many times a keyword has been actually searched by real people over the last month, plus how stiff the competition for this keyword is. This "number-of-searches-to-competition" ratio is known as Keyword Efficiency Index, or KEI. This is how professional search engine optimizers pick the best keywords to optimize for. To see a complete list of features go here .

This very comprehensive and thorough program which will help you get those rankings and that traffic that you dream of.  Highly recommended  and an absolute steal at the price.

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Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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