Akvis Magnifier

Type of Program: Image resizing
Supported Platforms: Windows/Mac
Company Name: Akvis
Version: 1.2
Price: $129.00


The thing about Akvis programs is that they are all really useful to both home users and professionals and yet again Akvis have come up with a winner in Akvis Magnifier.
Akvis Magnifier allows resizing images without noticeable loss in quality but what sets it apart are the fine tuning facilities. You know what happens when you try to increase the size of an image, you get pixellation, jagged edges, loss of focus etc. but the Akvis Magnifier default algorithm produces pretty good results and then With Akvis Magnifier you can fine tune different parameters : Sharpen Edges, Edge Smoothness, Simplicity, Microline, Grain and Unsharp Mask to produce superb crisp high quality results.

Resizing pictures with AKVIS Magnifier yields a much higher quality than simple bicubic interpolation. Depending on particular needs, AKVIS Magnifier can be fine-tuned to produce images that look exactly as required for a given purpose. The software allows enlarging an image to a super-high resolution of up to 30000x30000 pixels, making a 100x100 inch (2.5x2.5 meter) poster easily printable at typographic quality of 300dpi.

Whether you want to create poster-size images or add resolution for a better printing quality, AKVIS Magnifier will make your enlarged image look crisp and clear.
At present Akvis Magnifier is standalone only (21 July 2008) but a plugin version for the major image editors is not far off.

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Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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