SmartFixer 2007

Type of Program: Registry Utility   
Supported Platforms: Win 9X/ME/XP/2k
Company Name: SmartSoftware
Version: 1.7.14
Price: 30$
Installed Size: 1.8mb


SmartFixer is a program for fixing errors in the windows registry.

It will also check the state or your operating system, perform a drive check, and do a disk cleaning similar to the windows disk cleanup. The main component here though is the registry scanner or complete system scan. Of course once the scan is run, in the free trial version anyway.

The company decides to jerk people around and not really let them fix anything until the program is paid for. I could put in my usual rant about shareware and trying before you buy but I'll skip it and suggest anyone looking for a registry fix program do the same.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Cassidy

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