gDays Assistant

Type of Program: Schedule, Mail, Contacts
Supported Platforms: Win 2000/XP/Vista
Company Name: LOGIKonline Inc
Price: 10.00
Installed Size: 14.8 Mb


The installation of gDays Assistant is easy and intuitive, you can place the program files where you want them. However you do need the Microsoft .NET 3.5 which if it is not installed gDays Assistant will do the heavy lifting and lead you through the download and installation.

When you first start gDays Assistant you will be informed that you have a 15 day trial period. Fair enough. You will then be Wizarded through the setup. You will first be prompted to enter your Gmail login/password. Then you will be asked to select which Google services you want to have gDays Assistant integrate for you. I choose all of them: Google Calendar, Google Mail, Google Contacts, and Google Docs and Spreadsheets.

Ok here is the deal, with gDays Assistant you get to see all of your Google stuff very easily in a window like this one:

By pushing the buttons on the bottom you can switch between the Calendar, Mail, Contacts etc. The Calendar has a neat trick built into it you can with it select a range of days and it will count them for you plus figure out how many of them are working days. Great for projects. You can also select a day and the Schedule will open and you can do a whole range of stuff in there.

When you push on the Gmail icon you are presented with a preview of your unread Gmail messages, there is a whole range of things that gDays Assistant does there too. The Contacts icon presents you with a list of all of the people that you have sent Gmail to. With it you can add phone numbers etc. With the Google Docs button you can manipulate documents in lots of neat ways too.

To get a better idea of what gDays Assistant does take a look at the demos Here.

In conclusion if you use Gmail and the Google Calendar run don't walk and get gDays Assistant! This is one really powerful application that is going to make your life easier.

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Version 1.5 released

  • Now you can control multiple emails, phone, and addresses for each contact.
  • Group Management makes working with contacts easier
  • Tickle dates to track contacts
  • Merge duplicate contacts for cleanup lists (right click menu - when you select more than one)
  • Double click to launch contacts OR message for the contact.
  • IMAP has much more functionality - including managing your folders within gDays.
  • Move messages into IMAP folders; making management a breeze.
  • Enable IMAP folders for folder access for POP and ATOM feeds
  • Open a contact from any mail message (right click)


  • Moved calendar under appointments
  • Selecting dates - creates a popup info for workdays etc
  • Quick Add appointment integrated for ease of use.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Joe Tex

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